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Our new beecam is available by clicking here. Please note that the username is Viewer and leave the password blank. You will have to download an ActiveX control to view the bees. You can pan tilt and zoom the camera to see the hives, the bees and one of our new Octagon hives with bees in it.

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Welcome to Fragile Planet Beekeeping Supplies

We can supply all your beekeeping needs including wooden bee hives, hive tools, smokers, bee suits, bee feeders and much more. We specialise in providing gentle Buckfast bees in a 5-frame nucleus box. We supply our gentle Buckfast queens and bees from June.
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Stainless Steel Hive Tool
250mm (10") Scraper Type Steel Hive Tool
Only £9.00 P & P £2.50
Please note that our shipping charges are calculated by weight
so if you order more than 1 item the P&P will be adjusted to reduce the cost.
This handy tool is a must have for any beekeeper.
Hive Tools are specially designed levers with scraping edges and other features that aid the dismantling of beehives and the removal of frames from supers. They can also be used to scrape accretions of propolis or brace comb from within the hive.

A well designed hive tool is essential for ease of manipulation.
These are slim in the centre, pleasantly weighted and comfortable in the hand.

The end with a flat blade is used for prying hive supers apart.
The curved end of this tool is excellent for cleaning frames and scraping away bees wax and brace comb.
It is also useful as a scraper for cleaning debris from the hive floor. The bond between adjacent frames (and between frames and super) is broken by 'laying the tool flat' and placing the curved portion between adjacent frame top bars. The tool is then turned (to lever) to separate the frames. The frame is levered out of the super by easing the curved portion under a frame lug and rocking the tool backwards - so that the rounded portion rests on the adjacent lug.

The tool is brightly coloured steel so it is easily found when dropped in the grass.

This hive tool is made from good quality hardened and tempered stainless steel.
The heat treatment provides the strength needed to pry heavy supers apart
and minimises the need for frequent resharpening.

The double keyhole shaped hole is intended for removing nails.

Beekeepers may attach a piece of string (or 'coiled telephone type cable')
through the hole and fasten the other end to their clothing.
This allows the tool  to dangle within easy reach when not in use and reduces the risk of it being dropped, or mislaid.
We all drop a hive tool sometimes. Have a spare hive tool ready and searching for the dropped tool can be left until the hive manipulationis complete.
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