Bee Food

Bee Feed with Pollen 1kg

Bee Feed - Bakers Fondant 500g

Bee Suits, Smocks, Gloves

Childrens Clothing

Fencing Veil Smock - (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)

Round Hat Bee Smocks

Soft Leather Gloves (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)

The Complete Beekeeper - BBWear Suit, Smoker, Hive Tool, Gloves (S, M, L, XL)

The Complete Smock Kit - Smock, Smoker, Hive Tool, Gloves (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL)

BBWear Suit - Top Quality Fencing Veil Beekeeping Suit (XS, S, M, L, XL)

Beginners Kits

Beginner Kit With British Standard Cedar Hive

Complete Kit with bees, Cedar hive, Suit, etc

Bumble Bee Boxes


Bee Course (Off Site)

Frames and Foundation

Frames and Foundation Singles

Plastic Ends

BS Shallow Unwired Foundation - Pack of 10

Hoffman Brood Frames BS DN4 - Pack of 10

BS Deep (Brood) Wired Foundation (10 sheets)


Apiary Tours

Adopt A Hive

Adopt A Complete Hive

Bumble Bee Identification chart

The Bee Garden

Bees at the bottom of the garden

Gift Vouchers £25, £50, £100

Hive Bits & Pieces

Queen Excluder Slotted Steel

Wasp-a-no-go - Wasp proof hive entrance

Badger Proof Stand

Dummy Board Brood

National Travelling Screen

14 x 12 Dummy Board

Castellated Spacers

Aluminium Roof Sheet - Reclaimed

Correx Sheet

Galvanised Varroa Mesh

Hive Stand - Cedar

Open Mesh Floor - flat pack

Hive Equipment

4 Pint Rapid Feeder

Frame Grip

National Snelgrove Board

Deluxe Stainless Steel Smoker

Economy Frame Feeder - National size

Langstroth Entrance Spinners

Leather Bellows

Mouse Guard

Porter Bee Escapes

Queen Introduction Cage

Queen Clip

Queen Marking Cage with Plunger

Queen Marking Pen (Green for 2014), (We still have red (2013), yellow (2012) and white (2011)

Stainless Steel Hive Tool

UK Pollen Chart

Wooden Queen Cage

Hive Tools

J Type Steel Hive Tool

Hives & More

Dummy Board Super National

National Eke

British National Cedar Brood with frames and foundation

British National Cedar Roof

British National Cedar Super with frames and foundation

BS Cedar Brood

BS Cedar Super

Complete Cedar BS Hive

Crown Board

Entrance Block - Cedar

New Cedar Hive - British National

Observation Hive - Cedar

Open Mesh Floor - Cedar

Honey Extraction

Honey Jars - 1lb (plastic)


Honey Jar labels (14 per sheet)

Plastic Honey Tap

Honey Bucket with lid 30 lb

Stainless Steel Uncapping Fork

Tamper proof labels - Yellow pack of 20

Nuclei And Queens

Swarm Lure (2 for £3.50)

14 x 12 Correx Nucleus Box

5 Frame British Standard (National) Nucleus £199.00 (collection only)

Cedar Nucleus Box

Ply Hives and Bits

14 x 12 Ply Hives and parts

British National Super in Ply

British National Super In Ply - Only 16.99 delivered

National Ply Hives, brood boxes etc

Three British National Supers in Ply - Only 34.99 delivered

Two British National Supers in Ply - Only 29.99 delivered

Suit Repairs

Repairs - Broken Zips, Ripped Veils, and torn suits


Acarine / Nosema Manley Mixture (250ml Bottle)

Apiguard (1 hive treatment)


Oxalic Acid Crystals

Oxalic Acid Solution

Warre / Top Bar Hives

Our new beecam is available by clicking here. Please note that the username is Viewer and leave the password blank. You will have to download an ActiveX control to view the bees. You can pan tilt and zoom the camera to see the hives, the bees and one of our new Octagon hives with bees in it.

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Varroa Treatment

Eradicate the mite!
Apiguard Thymol Treatment
Only £5.99 P&P £2.50
Please note that unlike other suppliers our price is for the complete treatment (2 sachets)
Oxalic Acid 3.2% Solution with Syringe
Only £6.50 P&P £2.50
The recommended anti-varroa treatment
3.2% Strength as recommended by DEFRA and BBKA
Keep safe use a solution, not a vapouriser - who wants to inhale a colourless, poisonous gas?

What's New

Beekeeper Starter Pack includes cedar hive, bees, protective equipment, etc, only £475
Observation Hive only £149
For the beekeeper who has everything - a really special present
Pollen Chart Only £1.99 P&P £2.50
Available Now - Ply Supers, Ply Broods, 14x12 Ply Broods, Ply Hives all in the flat with and without frames & foundation

All the protective kit you need

Smoker, Hive Tool, Gloves, Small Beesuit
Only £125.00 including P & P
Smoker, Hive Tool, Gloves, Medium Beesuit
Only £125.00 including P & P
Smoker, Hive Tool, Gloves, Large Beesuit
Only £125.00 including P & P
Smoker, Hive Tool, Gloves, Extra Large Beesuit
Only £125.00 including P & P

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We can supply all your beekeeping needs including wooden bee hives, hive tools, smokers, bee suits, bee feeders and much more. We specialise in providing gentle Buckfast bees in a 5-frame nucleus box. We supply our gentle Buckfast queens and bees from June.
We have limited availability of British (Welsh) Black bee nuclei available from July
Hives & More Welsh "low mileage" Red Cedar etc

Beautifully made cedar hives which do not cost the earth

Hives & More

British National Cedar Brood - Part of our British National Hive
Only £69.00
P&P £10.00
More Info
Roof with aluminium British National Cedar Roof Only £35.00
P&P £7.00
More Info
British National Cedar Super - Part of our British National Hive
Only £59.00
P&P £10.00
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British National Cedar Brood Only £35.00
P&P £10.00
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British National Cedar Super Only £25.00
P&P £10.00
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buy this great bee hive Complete Cedar Hive
Fitted with Hoffman Frames in Brood and Super
Only £275.00
P&P £0.00
More Info
Ply Crown Board Only £11.99
P&P £5.00
More Info
Dummy Board for a National Super Only £4.00
P&P £2.50
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Fits our Open Mesh Floor Cedar Entrance Block Only £2.00
P&P £2.50
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Cedar Eke 75mm deep for a national hive Only £6.00
P&P £5.00
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Buy this great Bee Hive New Cedar Hive - complete British National Wooden Hive Only £150.00
P&P £0.00
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Observation Hive - A great way to show off your bees Only £149.00
P&P £0.00
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Cedar Open Mesh Floor
A necessity - Fits a standard National Hive Only £25.00
P&P £10.00
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