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Dave Cushman - for information about bees etc
Dave Cushman - Everything about beekeeping and more!

Moray Bee Dinosaurs
Postage & Packing
Please note that single items are despatched with the P & P as specified for that item
However with multiple items we work out the cost dependant on the weight of the individual items
We use different carriers dependant on your location and the weight of the item

Information which we hope you will find useful


This pest can be treated with thymol and oxalic acid
with the rise of the pyrethroid resistant mite (now prevalent over most of the UK)
Defra (Bee Unit) no longer recommend the use of the strips - we're just breeding resistant mites when using them
Download instructions about Thymol

Download instructions about using Oxalic Acid

Please note - we do not recommend using oxalic acid vaporisers - in our opinion they are extremely dangerous because of the risk of poisoning the beekeeper. Plus we know of some beekeepers who have managed to set fire to their hives killing all the varroa but also all their bees!

Assembling a hive

Download instructions about putting a hive together

Assembling a frame

Download instructions about assembling frames

Assembing a Roof

Building a roof

Inserting a nucleus

Download instructions about inserting a nucleus

Making an Open Mesh Floor

Video of making an open Mesh Floor

Making a Correx Nucleus Box

Video of making a Correx Nucleus Box

Assembling a Badger proof Stand

Octagon Hives

Download instructions about using an Octagon Hive

Inserting a National Nucleus into a top bar hive

Download instructions about putting a nucleus into a top bar hive

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Washing our suits and smocks

All suits and smocks are polycotton and can be washed accordingly. However if you put the hood into a washing machine it may well be damaged.
So we advise you to remove the hood completely from your suit or smock and wash by hand
To remove the veil, you will see the zip has two different kinds of ends, a short end and a long end which is normally on the left hand side when looking at the suit. Undo the zips to the long end i.e. take both tags right the way round to the long end then the hood will simply come off.
Refitting the veil is exactly the reverse
Like all things in beekeeping, be gentle with your bees and your suits, forcing either of them may cause you problems!

Course handouts

If you have come on one of our courses you can request the username and password to access our course handouts. Please email us for these details.
Course handouts

Chamber Instructions

PDF of the Chamber Instructions
Chamber Instructions