Terms and Conditions

We want to make your beekeeping and dealing with us an enjoyable experience

However we have to put the Terms and Conditions under which we trade with you in writing

1. Distance Selling Regulations
The usual Distance Selling Regulations apply, so you can return any non-perishable goods within 7 days for a full refund. Please note that nuclei of bees and queens (being perishable) do not come under the Distance Selling Regulations. Any goods which have been opened and used or constructed by you fall outside the Distance Selling Regulations.

2. Mispriced Items
If, by mistake, we have under priced an item, we will not be liable to supply that item to you at the stated price, provided that we notify you before we despatch the item to you. In those circumstances, we will notify the correct price to you so you can decide whether or not you wish to order the item at that price.

3. Carrier Damage
Unfortunately sometimes carriers damage items. If we send via a carrier, we ask you to check the contents before signing that the goods have been delivered without damage.
We cannot claim for damage if you have signed that the goods have been delivered OK.
So we would ask you carefully to check each item on receipt and contact us immediately if there is any damage
If there is carrier damage then we will ask you to return the damaged item(s) and we will replace or refund.

4. Carrier Carding Issues
Our Carriers will card you if you are not in. Sometimes even after they have done that the card either goes missing or customers do not contact the carriers.
We will endeavour to arrange a redelivery through the carrier if possible.
If the goods are returned to us, that occurs where the carriers hear nothing from you after a failed delivery, then you agree that irrespective of the value of the order you will pay any redelivery cost.

5. Clothing
For clothing, smocks, suits and gloves, we will replace or refund any item for any reason within 1 month of purchase upon return of the item.

6. Nuclei
You agree that provision of nuclei is complicated and that time is not of the essence of the contract between us.
You agree that bees are wild animals and as such the colony may vary in size and number due to circumstances beyond our control. You further agree to endeavour to keep the bees alive by treating them with the appropriate medicine and feed as required by them.
Nuclei Returns
If you are unhappy with your nucleus you will need to return it within its box within 7 days of receipt and we will send you a refund.
You agree that if you keep the nucleus beyond 7 days then we are not liable for any refund or replacement of the nucleus.
You also agree to contact us if there is any problem with the bees, preferably with photographs so we can see what the problem is.
Queen replacement in a nucleus
If the queen is either not laying or has disappeared between us sending out the nucleus and you receiving it then we will endeavour to replace the queen, however you agree that this is at our discretion and depends on availability.
We will only replace the queen once, in other words you agree that we will not send out a new free queen if you have already received one.
Nuclei Delivery
Normally we will send out nuclei with Royal Mail Special Delivery. We attempt to ensure that they leave here in good condition, however sometimes Royal Mail do damage them in transit. You agree to open the colony as soon as they arrive without any delay.
If there is obvious damage to the box or the postman is not taking sufficient care - we expect you to
a) Write this on the form they give you to sign
b) Take a photo showing the damage.
Without this action on you part you agree that we will not accept responsibilty for any carrier damage.
Nuclei Collection
The nuclei will be ready for collection at a mutually suitable time and date. We advise you to pick up the nuclei in the evening to ensure you have as many foragers as possible. When you collect the nuclei, you agree that by taking the nucleus you have accepted that the nucleus is of satisfactory quality and acceptable to you. Once they leave our premises you agree that they are your responsibility and if there is any damage in transit then Fragile Planet is not liable for any problems.

7. Queens
You agree that you accept that if the queen dies within one month of you receiving the queen, we will replace the queen,depending on availability, on one occasion,
in other words you agree that we will not send out a new free queen if you have already received one.
You agree and accept that Bees are wild animals and Queens may fail for a multiplicity of reasons.

8. Carriage on returns
Since we keep our prices as low as possible you agree that we can give no refund of the cost of shipping returns to us.

9. Cookies and tracking
We use Google Adwords (TM) to track your use of this site. As part of that process you agree that a cookie will be used and placed on your computer.

10. Copyright, Intellectual Property and Unregistered Design Rights
Please be aware that certain of our products are protected under the EU and UK legislation on Copyright, Trademarks and Unregistered Design Rights. We will take action against anyone infringing these rights. The products are those items which are manufactured solely by us or by our registered agents. If you wish to manufacture any of these products you must contact us in writing.

11. Self-assembly packs
We ensure that all assembly packs are sent out with all the parts intact and complete. You agree that it is your responsibility to check each pack on receipt to ensure that you have all the parts. Once construction has taken place you agree that any mistakes in construction will need you to purchase further parts as required. We will endeavour to help you with any difficulty you have with construction. There are videos available via our FAQ page.

12. Your responsibility in checking the goods despatched to you by us
You agree that any discrepancy with an order including incorrect colour, quantity or size has to be reported to us immediately. You further agreee that we can not be held responsible for any discrepancies not reported to us within 14 Days of you receiving your goods. You agree that it is your responsibility to check all orders on delivery and report any discrepancies within the 14 days time limit.

13. Ownership of the goods
You agree that the goods remain our property until paid for in full. You further agree that if any payment made by you is not cleared by your bank there will be a minimum £20 charge for each uncleared payment.

14. Delivery address
If you pay us by Paypal then we have to (by Paypal Rules) send to the address you have set up for Paypal. If this address is incorrect then you agree that we will charge you for delivery of mis-directed items. If you pay by credit or debit card over the phone we can arrange any delivery address. We contact you by email on despatch for tracked items to ensure that we have the correct address. If there has been a mistake we expect you to contact us immediately.