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Nuclei And Queens

5 Frame British Standard (National) Nucleus £199.00 (collection only)

Hive Bits & Pieces

Castellated Spacers

Correx Sheet


Bee Course (Off Site)

Hive Equipment

Porter Bee Escapes

Queen Introduction Cage

Stainless Steel Hive Tool




Adopt A Hive

Adopt A Complete Hive

The Bee Garden

Bees at the bottom of the garden

Honey Extraction

Honey Jar labels (14 per sheet)

Tamper proof labels - White pack of 20

Suit Repairs

Repairs - Broken Zips, Ripped Veils, and torn suits

Our new beecam is available by clicking here. Please note that the username is Viewer and leave the password blank. You will have to download an ActiveX control to view the bees. You can pan tilt and zoom the camera to see the hives, the bees and one of our new Octagon hives with bees in it.

Fragile Planet on the Alan Titchmarsh Show

Fragile Planet Adopt-A-Hive on the Alan Titchmarsh Show, with Emilia Fox
Saving the British Bee" on The Alan Titchmarsh Show - October 8th, 2009
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5-Frame Buckfast Nuclei for 2016 click here

Nuclei And Queens 5-Frame Nuclei and Queens - Gentle Buckfast Queens

Hive Bits & Pieces Hive parts in cedar

Courses One Day beekeeping Courses

Hive Equipment Mouse Guards etc

Treatments Thymol Treatments & Oxalic Acid;Certan

Gifts Get the beekeeper in your life a special present

Honey Extraction Honey extraction

Suit Repairs Quality suit repairs - veils, zips, tears etc

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One Day beekeeping courses are also available here
Reduce the use of pesticides in your garden - they are killing the bees see here for details

We can supply all your beekeeping needs including wooden bee hives, hive tools, smokers, bee suits, bee feeders and much more. We specialise in providing gentle Buckfast bees in a 5-frame nucleus box. We supply our gentle Buckfast queens and bees from June.
Watch the bees flying in our apiary by clicking here

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Beekeeping: a unique hobby

Beekeeping is a hobby that's growing in popularity. It's good for the environment and can be incredibly rewarding (and that's not even starting on the constant supply of fresh, natural honey), but the only way you're going to make the most of the beekeeping experience is if you have access to the right beekeeping supplies. That's where we come in.

Fragile Planet - who are we?

Here at Fragile Planet we know what a great hobby beekeeping can be, and our frustrations at the lack of quality yet affordable beekeeping supplies led us to set up this one-stop-shop for all beekeeping needs. We can help you find beekeeping suits, beehives, bee food and indeed anything else you could need to indulge your beekeeping passion, putting you on the road to keeping bees in a cost-effective manner.

Indulge your hobby with quality beekeeping supplies

Finding the right beekeeping supplies will be a top priority for anyone who has the urge to start keeping bees. You'll need everything from the beehives to beekeeping suits, and let's not forget about the bees themselves. Everything needs to be carefully considered to ensure you're getting the supplies that meet your expectations so you can make the most of your hobby, and because we know the requirements of keeping bees (being avid enthusiasts ourselves), we're perfectly placed to accommodate.

But, because of our interest in the area of beekeeping, we know how important quality can be. That's why we only ever stock beekeeping suits, hives and everything else of the highest quality, ensuring you can enjoy your hobby for years to come. Price is important to us as well as fantastic customer service, and we only ever work with reputable suppliers to ensure your satisfaction. If you're interested in keeping bees then it's essential you've got a supplier you can count on, and with everything from starter kits and beekeeping suits to advanced mite treatments, you'll easily find the products that you need.

Ethical beekeeping equipment from Fragile Planet

We're proud to offer beekeeping supplies that live up to expectations, ensuring that you've got the beehives, beekeeping suits and anything else you could need to enjoy your hobby. We pride ourselves on quality to ensure you've got the beekeeping suits and beehives that will stand the test of time, and if you're interested in keeping bees then one other aspect could well be a top consideration - ethics. That's where we excel. We only sell natural wooden beehives that are built from local, sustainable sources, and we never use plastic to manufacture our hives. We're ethical in our dealings with suppliers, customers and employees alike, so if you want to be sure you're helping the environment (and everyone else involved) while indulging in your passion, you need to come to us.

Keeping bees made easy

Keeping bees may initially seem like an unusual and often complex hobby, but with the right knowledge and equipment it can be incredibly enjoyable. That's why we're proud to offer plenty of helpful tips and advice as well as providing all the necessary supplies, ensuring you have the best chance possible of keeping bees effectively. We can advise on the right beehives and beekeeping suits as well as the best way to grow a nucleus and start a colony - whatever your level of experience and whatever advice you need, we'll be able to help.

Quality beekeeping supplies at great prices

We don't think you need to spend a fortune in order to get quality beekeeping supplies, and that's why you'll find everything in stock at incredibly competitive prices. We do this in a number of ways: we've got a smaller profit margin so can pass on the savings to you; we use local suppliers wherever possible to cut down on transportation costs; we try to use cheaper materials; and all of our wooden products (including beehives) are manufactured at our own factory. All of this means cheaper prices for you, the consumer, ensuring you can keep up with your beekeeping hobby without breaking the bank in the process.

This doesn't mean you lose out on quality though - everything we stock is manufactured to incredibly high standards to ensure your satisfaction, thereby fulfilling the top requirements of quality and value. You can buy your beekeeping supplies in confidence, so if you want to indulge your beekeeping hobby make sure to come to us today for all the beehives, beekeeping suits and everything else you could need to start your colony and reap the rewards.

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